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Where do you want to go today?

Where do you want to go today?

I love hearing that sentence and I often say, “something fun but make sure there’s coffee, good coffee”. After all, when you are a Coffaholic, traveling is no fun unless you can sit in a 16th-century cobbled stoned courtyard sipping on that magical brew.

In the South of France, my dream location from among the thousands of places I have been and those I have yet to visit is where coffee seems to softly linger. The air is sweet, the light is amazing, and the food seems to create a wave of nostalgia that rocks your very existence.

Don’t forget to plan

After a two-year absence, I am now ready to start traveling the ancient cities that make up this wonderous globe. And so, I ask myself “Where do I want to go today?” Once you decide, there are a few things that we need to do that we didn’t do before. No more can we just pack a bag, grab our passport, and go. With new Covid rules and regulations (sorry, but in this day and age we need to mention this), changes to country visas, and ongoing conflicts we must start planning.

Planning may seem plainly frustrating and unnecessary but as I mentioned above, now is the time to know what you need to travel, what you can and cannot take with you, and create a plan of where you will be traveling. Take a look at what your home country’s incoming regulations ask for, this is so you will know what is expected of you when returning home.

International Conflict

There are government sites, such as (Australia) that are a fantastic resource for your next overseas adventure. Your country will have sites such as these and they will give you all the relevant information in regard to conflicts, unsafe areas, and any other ideas to help you plan. You can also register your travel with your home immigration department (I won’t list them here are they are different in all countries – just a part of your planning process). This is especially important if you are going to places that are close to those now in the process of conflict or war. Europe, Africa, and any other area that is listed as a region of concern.

If you should happen to become stuck in a place such as the Ukraine, for example, the advice given on government sites such as smarttraveler is to shelter in place until it is safe or you are advised it is safe to leave. (This comes from and advice will change from time to time – the link is embedded in this paragraph).

Creating a spreadsheet of everything you need for most is utterly over the top, instead just make a small list of what you need to pack, medications and scripts, clothes that are weather-specific, etc. Pack as little as possible, if you can get by without checked luggage, all the better. This is an impossibility for most, but with the current baggage issues around the globe, traveling light may be required for months to come.

Travel Agents

Now you know where you want to travel to, you have a small checklist, and know what is required of you going out and coming back into your own country. At this point, if you have not already done so, have a talk to a travel agent; and yes, they do still exist.

Many agents are happy to talk to you even if you do not book your entire holiday with them. They are a great resource for all the current travel restrictions, shots, visas, and even the obligatory tours. I think we forgot about Travel agents in recent years, but now with our changing environment, they are gaining in popularity even more.

Travel Insurance

My Mother-in-law recently announced that she, at 81 years of age, is going to start traveling again. She knows where she is going, and no one is going to stop her. That is until my husband sat her down and explained all the new things she will have to do, including a much higher Travel Insurance bill, not only because of her increased age but also because it now includes a covid portion.

Travel Insurance is one thing that, in the past, many never even thought of purchasing. It is not the time to skimp on things such as insurance, you just never know when you may need it? We can go a whole lifetime never needing car insurance, but that one day you forget, and it is late, well, you know what happens next. So, before you step on that plane, get that Travel Insurance.

I hope some of this will be of use to you and will help you in planning your next adventure. Before you go have a quick look at my last Article “Top 7 Tips for Air Travel after a long break”.

Safe travels.

Always check local and international Government and travel authorities for accurate and up-to-date information on traveling. No advice to be taken as anything other than for entertainment purposes.

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