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Cosmopolitan Cafe Bondi Junction- Review

It was in early April that I had an appointment in Bondi Junction and I had arrived early, so it was time to find a nice cafe, have a leisurely breakfast and while away the time till my meeting. I found the Cosmopolitan Cafe.

The Cosmopolitan cafe was the perfect place- near the end of the mall in Oxford Street (203 Oxford Street), close to Bronte Road, and close to the Westfield and a multitude of shops. I was looking for an outside table, of which there were ample, such that I could people watch as I enjoyed a well made flat white with my muffin and buttered sourdough toast. A simple breakfast where there really is nowhere to hide. As a bonus, there was no need to. The toast was made to perfection, the coffee a true work of art and a brilliant way to stay , be nourished for the morning and to get some work done. I am a multi tasker.

The person behind the counter was amiable, pleasant and in good spirits and I certainly look forward to my next visit to the Cosmopolitan cafe when I am next in Bondi Junction. I will certainly make a point of insuring I am early so I have time to sit, watch and get some work done. I also like to make a point of making sure I have more information on great cafes and places to visit so there is more information for you to browse on your eating, roaming adventures.

I could see the inside was a very cosy atmosphere, with patrons able to feel comfortable and well looked after. I actually had an opportunity to return to the cafe later in the afternoon another day and sat inside as i wanted to get a feel for the vibe of the place. I was certainly not disappointed in the coffee again, and the feeling was warm, welcome and again, very well looked after.

I am yet to try the cafe for dinner, but am certain I will be in Bondi Junction again soon, so will regale my experiences at Cosmopolitan Cafe again, once I get my next opportunity.

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